As of Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

The Candidates listed represents those individuals who have filed a “Statement of Intention” to run in the
“Newsom Recall Special Gubernatorial Election”
have taken the necessary steps to form a *Campaign Finance Committee & begin accepting campaign donations.


The “Official List of Candidates” will be generated by the California Secretary of State’s Office once the date for the election has been set. 


*Per CA Elec Code Candidates may not accept donations to run for office with out first forming a campaign finance committee. 


Veronika Fimbres (Green Party) – No Contact Information

Daniel I. Kapelovitz (Green Party) – No Contact Information

2 Candidates – 0 Invitations


John Drake (D) – Invited 6/5/21

Anthony L. Fanara (D) – No Contact Information

Luis M. Huang (D) – No Contact Information

Tony H. Leonard (D) – No Contact Information

Kevin Paffrath (D) – No Contact Information 

Ronald J. Palmieri (D) – No Contact Information 

Armando Perez-Serrato (D) – No Contact Information

Joel A. Ventresca (D) – No Contact Information 

Frank Henry Wade (D) – No Contact Information

9 Candidates – 1 Invitation

Accepted – 1


Joseph Amey (AIP) – No Contact Information

1 Candidate – 0 invitations


Kevin Abushi (R)  – No Contact Information

Karen E. Blake (R)  – No Contact Information

David Bramante (R)  – No Contact Information

John Cox (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Kevin Faulconer (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Wayne H. Frazier (R) – No Contact Information

Rhonda D. Furin (R) – Invited 6/10/21

Sam Gallucci (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Sean Harrison (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Tim Herode (R) – Late Announcement

Caitlyn Jenner (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Chauncey “Slim” Killens (R ) – Invited 6/4/21

Jenny Rae Le Roux (R ) – Invited 6/1/21

Joseph Luciano (R) – Invited 6/17/21

Louis J. Marinelli (R)  – Invited 6/4/21

Diego J. Martinez (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Christopher Thomas Mason (R) – No Contact Information

Daniel R. Mercuri (R) – Invited 6/4/21

Robert C. Newman II (R) – Invited 6/4/21

Doug Ose (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Patrick Rakus Jr. (R) – No Contact Information

Sarah L. Stephens (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Dr. Joe M. Symmon (R) – Invited 6/1/21 

Anthony D. Trimino (R) – Invited 6/1/21

Nickolas Wildstar (R)– Invited 6/10/21

Major Williams (R) – Invited 6/4/21

25 Candidates – 19 Invitations

Accepted – 9


Carla L. Canada (NPP) – No Contact Information

Mary E. Cook (NPP) – Invited 6/5/21

Mariana B. Dawson (NPP) – No Contact Information

Elizabeth (Libby) S. Floyd (NPP) – No Contact Information

Adam M. Hadjinian (NPP) – No Contact Information

James G. Hanink (NPP) – Invited 6/5/21

Kevin K. Kaul (NPP) – No Contact Information

Paul Mesrop Kurdian (NPP) – No Contact Information

Jemiss Nazar (NPP) – No Contact Information

Adam Papagan (NPP) – No Contact Information

Hilaire Fuji Shioura (NPP) – Invited 6/1/21

Ben Zandpour (NPP) – No Contact Information

12 Candidates – 3 Invitations

Accepted – 1


Jeff Hewitt (Libertarian) – No Contact Information

1 Candidate – 0 Invitations

*No Contact Information – Email address is unavailable

*Invited – Date invitation was sent


Personal & Health Freedoms

Mask Mandates

Mandatory Vaccines

Vaccine Passports


Sanctions & Censorship of Opposing Medical Views

Religious Freedom

Right to Prosper & Work

In Person Learning

Vaccine reactions/Side Effects Tracking

Strong Arming Businesses with Liability for Virus Transmission


No Sanitary Accommodations Feces & Urine Filled Sidewalks, Streets, & Parks

Shanty Towns Taking Over Parks, Beaches, Underpasses, Off Ramps 

Billions of Tax Dollars Spent, Not One Dime Reached the Homeless 

Increased Crime, Public Drug Use

Drug Paraphernalia on Streets, at Schools & Other Areas Children Frequent

Election Integrity

Every Voter Gets a Mail-in Ballot Dead or Alive

30 Days to Vote

No Matching Signatures

Non US Citizen Work in the Register of Voters Offices

Non US Citizen Verify & Count Ballots

Same Day Registration

$30M Unlawfully Spent to Install Dominion Voting Systems


Bullet Train to Nowhere

Health Insurance Tax

Prop 6 Gas Tax

Funneling billions into Departments and Projects that remain underfunded & understaffed –

The money ends up in the pockets of politicians, crony’s and political parties

Critical Race Theory

Treating each child as if their self worth is completely dependent on what others think of them

Fails to teach each child has the same opportunities they can be anything they want to be

Fails to teach critical thinking skills concentrates on sexual identity, skin colour, oppressors’ vs oppressed


Legislated drought – policies have created a continuous drought

Increasing water rates with decreased water quality/safety

600% increase in water delivery charges for Central Valley Farmers – increased costs lead to increased food prices

Re-routing billions of gallons of water to the sea everyday to “protect” four (4) non ingenious fish 

A dry California is a fire prone California