Round Table Series 2-7 Audience Registration

Series 2 – Tuesday August 3rd 

Series 5 – Tuesday August 24th

Series 3 – Tuesday August 10th

Series 6 – Tuesday August 31st

Series 4 – Tuesday August 17th

Videos of each Round Table are available on our Rumble Channel

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Round Table Rules


  1. Panelist will bring with them a minimum of 5 question regarding issues/policies that affect California and their specific community.

  2. Panelists will read their questions to the candidates. Coaching will not be allowed.

  3. Panelist will be allowed to clarify a question if the Candidate asks for further information. It should not become a back & forth or discussion. The clarification must be crisp and succinct.

  4. Panelist will provided the questions they posed to Take CA Back after the event via email.


  1. Each Candidate will have a set time limit to introduce themselves.

  2. Responses to a question posed by a Panelists will have a set time limit.

  3. Time will start when the Candidate begins his/her answer. Requesting clarification will not count against allotted time.

  4. Each Candidate will be afforded time for a closing statement upon completion of Panelist questions.

  5. Time limits will be determined by the number of candidates who RSVP.

  6. In the event of a large candidate attendance the Round Table will be broken into separate dates that will accommodate a reasonable time limit to afford a Candidate the ability to provide a satisfactory answer. If this looks to be a possibility, we will inform you as soon as possible.

  7. If more than one Round Table is required, participation dates will be set by the date an affirmative RSVP is received.

  8. The order of which Candidate answers a Panelist’s question will be determined by the Host who will draw a name designating the first Candidate followed in alphabetical order by last name.

  9. The order will change with each Panelist.

  10. Once the name has been drawn it is then discarded.

  11. Contact information for each Candidate, an electronic photo and short bio will be provided by the campaign with an affirmative RSVP to the event  for inclusion on the Take CA Back website & provided to the Round Table Host


  1. The Round Table is free to all who participate or in attendance.

  2. The panel will consist of registered California Voters who are nominated by a Californian or a California group.

  3. A neutral host will “officiate” the Round Table.

  4. A neutral time keeper will be charged with maintaining time limits.

  5. Time will start when the Candidate begins his/her answer. Requesting clarification will not count against allotted time.

  6. Attendees may watch and/or listen to the Round Table but will not be visible or audible to the participants.

  7. Voters may submit questions prior to the Round Table to be posed by the Host as time permits, if not already covered by the Panelist.

Issues Facing Californians

Personal & Health Freedoms

Mask Mandates

Mandatory Vaccines

Vaccine Passports


Sanctions & Censorship of Opposing Medical Views

Religious Freedom

Right to Prosper & Work

In Person Learning

Vaccine Reactions/Side Effects Tracking

Strong Arming Businesses with Liability for Virus Transmission


No Sanitary Accommodations Feces & Urine Filled Sidewalks, Streets, & Parks

Shanty Towns Taking Over Parks, Beaches, Underpasses, Off Ramps 

Billions of Tax Dollars Spent, Not One Dime Reached the Homeless 

Increased Crime, Public Drug Use

Drug Paraphernalia on Streets, at Schools & Other Areas Children Frequent

Election Integrity

Every Voter Gets a Mail-in Ballot Dead or Alive

30 Days to Vote

No Matching Signatures

Non US Citizen Work in the Register of Voters Offices

Non US Citizen Verify & Count Ballots

Same Day Registration

$30M Unlawfully Spent to Install Dominion Voting Systems


Prop 6 Gas Tax

Health Insurance Tax

Bullet Train to Nowhere

Funneling billions into Departments and Projects that remain underfunded & understaffed – The money ends up in the pockets of politicians, crony’s and political parties

Critical Race Theory

Treating each child as if their self worth is completely dependent on what others think of them

Fails to teach each child has the same opportunities they can be anything they want to be

Fails to teach critical thinking skills concentrates on sexual identity, skin colour, oppressors’ vs oppressed


Legislated drought – policies have created a continuous drought

Increasing water rates with decreased water quality/safety

600% increase in water delivery charges for Central Valley Farmers – increased costs lead to increased food prices

Re-routing billions of gallons of water to the sea everyday to “protect” a non ingenious fish 

A dry California is a fire prone California